Do you ever think about why certain people are more successful than the others, even if their business areas are the same? Graduates of the same college aren’t all the same in their careers. Why? 

Well, that’s totally because all have different mindsets and mental strengths!

I remember a good friend of mine who studied at the same university as I here in Sweden. All his group mates were people I knew. I observed that their problem-solving approaches were all different from each other, although they were all taught under the same institute from the same teachers. I always thought about where that difference came from? And I got to know about the differences in their mental strengths. 

My friend was always a risk-taker and never afraid of trying. I have seen him failing again and again and getting up back with even more strength and focus. He was struggling for his business while his other mates were having their 9-5 jobs and quiet working lives. He never complained and never stopped trying, and after five struggling years, he has now made a significant breakthrough. Having seen him through the real struggle, I have always admired him, and he has been my motivation since then. 

I observed some key things that mentally strong people do and would love to share those with you all!

1. They move on and don’t waste time feeling sorry for themselves.

Moving on is one of the key traits of mentally strong people. Moving on simply means accepting things and heading towards new ideas and opportunities instead of feeling sorry for something that has been lost or gone wrong. 

Thinking of yourself as a human and accepting the fact that mistakes and losses are a part of life would make it pretty easy for you. After all, ‘Crying over spilled milk is of no use’ as told by a wise once. 

2. They embrace change. They welcome challenges.

If you are not ready to embrace change, you will remain standing at the same place forever. Embracing change is a part of growth, and one has to accept challenges for it. Focused people always find themselves comfortable with embracing changes and are always in a state of welcoming challenges that come with the change. 

Change can be anything little to something gigantic. Know that people who have brought about a change, whether it be small or huge, have been known for centuries and would always be known for what they have done. 

3. They stay happy. They don’t waste energy on things they can’t control.

It is often said that, ‘Change what you can’t accept and accept what you can’t change.’ If you find something that needs to be changed and is under your control, then you can certainly change it for your happiness. But, if you don’t control something, you shouldn’t be wasting your energy on it. Instead, accepting it would save your energy and would keep you happy. 

For instance, we are all humans, and we can’t control nature. If we get reported about an upcoming natural disaster, would panicking over it help us avoid that? Never! Won’t it be better if you save your energy and instead find out ways to minimize the loss? This is what it’s all about!

4. They are kind, fair, and unafraid to speak up.

Have you ever encountered an unkind and hostile person enjoying real happiness? I am sure never you’ve experienced such a person living truly happily!

It is the rule of nature that all you give is eventually turned back to you. And people having mental strength are aware of it in some way or the other because of their strong observation. Thus, a mentally strong person will always be kind and never afraid to speak up for their fellow humans. 

5. They are willing to take calculated risks.

Calculated risks are crucial to success. Most of the time, big and unconventional things have associated risks that can never be neglected completely. But these won’t stop a concentrated mind from moving forward.

6. They celebrate other people’s success. They don’t resent that success.

Last but not least, they never get jealous of other’s success. Instead, they appreciate people for what they’re doing and are truly happy seeing them grow. It is genuinely a parameter of mental growth. A resentful person always holds grudges for other successful people and do not bear them growing in their lives. They always think of pushing others down instead of pushing themselves up, and this trait won’t ever let them get successful anyway.