SFM Digital Skills Platform

What’s your approach to learn new things today? Read the same thing over and over again? Why not step up to the next level? The Digital Skills Platform includes a vast number of courses divided into small bite sized videos around 60-120 seconds long.

The vision SFM has is to wake up people to the new ways of working there is in the uprising digital economy. In order to keep up with automation and artificial intelligence, replacing traditional jobs in an increasingly pace, people need to learn new skills.

The Digital Skills Platform lets you do exactly this. Covering a large number of different courses SFM teaches their students how to get started and master different aspects of the digital skills of today and tomorrow.

Watch the video below to get a taste of what the Digital Skills Platform is

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Here is a list of courses you can access through the Digital Skills Platform. As more content continuously is added, the list will continue to grow.


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