I have this little fellow sitting on my arm all days vibrating and yelling MOVE!!! to me whenever I sit down trying to get comfortable. Even though I thought I moved around quite a bit before I was probably mistaken…

That’s also probably why my wife decided to give me this fantastic little watch as a Christmas gift ^^

Now I don’t have to wonder anymore how many steps I take each day or what my pulse is or where I am, this little fellow keeps track of everything worth to know =)

This whole thing got me thinking. Why do we tend to wait too long until we take action? Why don’t I get up and move before this little watch shouts at me that I’m lazy?

My guess is that it’s due to some biological reason where the body is programmed to save as much energy as possible.  Because this pattern can be seen everywhere.

So many people don’t exercise until they get a health problem. And why is it that many don’t even go out and search for their dream job until they unexpectedly get fired from their old, boring but secure one?

Perhaps we all would need a little fellow on our wrists from time to time demanding us to move! Regarding all aspects of life. Why wait until it’s too late?

I think I’ve carried these thoughts for a while. It was these insights that made me take action to start up my online business at least.

I didn’t want to realize as an old man that I never got to live the life I wanted but a life that society and people around me expected me to live!

What I knew was that I wanted more time freedom and a potential to drastically increase my income. Therefore I decided to invest in my family’s future and in myself and not put it forward any longer.

So I joined the SFM and educated myself on running an online business. And this has truly been a life changing experience. The money is great but the personal growth you get to go through is truly amazing! And just meeting so many like-minded people in the community carrying the same values is probably worth it in itself.

This mail can act as your call to Move! Your call to not wait too long and to take action today.

It would be amazing to have you following us on this journey towards a digital lifestyle filled with freedom and flexibility, click here to join us!