Do you think the title sounds too cheesy? I definitely thought so the first time I read it ^^
One of my former colleagues had those lines written on his desk in large bold letters…

F.A.I.L = First Attempt In Learning

Some people made fun of him for it but he never seemed to care too much about that. And now looking back at it I think it’s pretty clever. So kudos to him for keeping it and that he didn’t let people change his mind, it was obviously something that helped him a lot.

Its an old wisdom that we learn the most when we make mistakes. So we should never fear it but rather embrace it. What we should fear is to be too afraid to ever try.

There is a quite famous quote here in Sweden that illustrates this rather well I think:

“It is fairer to listen to the string that broke than to never strain a bow”

In order to make the arrow move forward you must first pull it in the opposite direction. Sometimes the string will break, but if you never try you will never be able to shoot the arrow.

What I really wanted to say with this is that if you want to reach any of the dreams you have you must also be prepared to stumble and fail on the way.

I’ve experienced this myself quite a few times just in the past six months when starting up my online business. I was so eager to get it up and running that I didn’t take all the time I should when reading through Facebook’s advertising guidelines. This led to that I got two ad accounts shut down just I was getting some traction.

I have to admit that it was like a punch in my stomach and I felt really bad about it for several days, I had after all put in quite a lot of time and effort into setting everything up. But I decided to learn something from it instead and move forward.

So I created an entire new website and started to learn about how to advertise on YouTube instead. And now looking back at it I’m extremely pleased about how everything turned up!

Never be afraid to strive towards your dreams. Embrace the mistakes you are going to make and decide to learn something from them. Get out of your comfort zone and start to work on the next chapter in your life. You are going to fail sometimes, if not you’re not trying hard enough.